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Laika's Charactertest

Finnish Kennel Club Character test May 2009 (judges: Tarja Matsuoi & Lea Haanpää)

Laika had only just turned three years when she took the test and so was pretty young still. However, in many ways she was already a very well formed personality and therefore the results give a good impression of who she is.

I think in reality she is slightly harder than what the results imply. The reason is, that in some instances she was simply going for the toys that were left in her view rather than escaping a threat and similar things. Another problem was, that the set-up let to a situation, where the boots attached to the "ghost" actually hit her full in the head. So that was a little unfortunate as that was not supposed to happen. In everyday life I think she is relatively hard. However, even now her temperament is still quite high. I always think in terms of temperament she is very much her step-mum Henna's daughter.

  • Character test: +110p (passed), secure to shots
  • Accessibility: +3 (kind, accessible, open)
  • Desire to fight: -1 (low)
  • Capability to function: +1 (moderate)
  • Willingness to defend: +1 (low - controlled)
  • Temprament: +1 (extremly high)
  • Mental hardness: +1 (tendency to softness)
  • Tendency to aggressive behaviour: +1 (low without post-attack aggression)
  • Strength of nerves: +1 (tendency to nervousness)
  • Gunshot reaction: +++ (unimpressed, no sign of fear)
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