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Henna's Health

  • HD A/A (2005)
  • ED 0/0 (2005)
  • back normal (2009)
  • eyes clear (2005, 2008 & 2012 (eyes tested in Germany))
  • teeth: complete dentition, scissor bite (lost three incisors due to a car accident in 2009 and one lower P2 due to a training accident in 2012)
  • in 2009 Henna was diagnosed with chronic rhinitis of uncertain origin when she had frequent nose bleeding. Rhinoscopy performed at the University of Helsinki veterinary hospital in 2009 showed that she has signs of scaring due to inhalation of corrossive substances (which would explain why she has a somewhat impaired sense of smell) and biopsy samples showed unspecific chronic rhinitis without any signs of a typical autoimmune disease. So we really don't know what that is about - at least nothing that really affects her. Even so many years later she has no problems and the problem basically disappeared. She is more sensitive to cold temperatures ("runny nose") than Laika, but just as sensitive as I am and it does not bother her in the least as far as I can tell. She developed these problems after she had a severe tooth root infection. It now appears plausible she also had Anaplasmosis at the time which caused severe bleeding and impaired blood coagulation.
  • with increasing age Henna developed signs of gastritis approximately six weeks after she has completed her season. Oddly enough she developed these symptoms after she had received doxycycline in november 2009. This had so severly affected her stomach she started vomiting blood. She never fully recovered from that for a while and it was always worst after her season. Despite repeated examination no stomach ulcers were detected. Since she was spayed her stomach has healed and is now as robust and unproblematic as it was when she was a younger dog.
  • she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease (Borreliosis) in 12/2011 which caused swollen joints and joint ache as well as lethargy and moodiness. All this has disappeared since she was treated with Doxycycline and she has since been well. So she has no osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis of any hereditary origin. Her joint ache, moodiness and lethargy made me suspect Lyme disease and the vet suspected hypothyroidism and osteoarthritis. I was right as it turned out as her thyroid and x-rays were normal.
  • spayed March 2012 (mainly to eliminate the risk of pyometra at an older age - it also helped to decrease the problems with Gastritis she has been experiencing in recent years)
  • blood tests were normal 10/2006, 10/2009, 08/2010, 02/2011, 12/2011 (except for the borreliosis), 02/2012, 11/2012, 11/2013, 10/2014
  • thyroid normal 12/2011, 11/2012, 11/2013 & 10/2014
  • two Lipomas (non-cancerous growths) removed 12/2012 (they were send for histological examination to a laboratory - so there is no doubt what they were). The Lipomas were each smaller than 5mm in diameter.
  • in spring 2014 she started loosing weight and is now very thin. Only skin, bone and muscle (and muscle she has a lot!). We looked and searched, but there seems to be no cause. All we could guess at was that her entire digestive tract has somewhat slowed down. We found that feeding wo or three meals giving a large meal in the morning and smaller meals in the late afternoon and eavenign will work just fine for her. She is now stable at 17.5 - 18kg for over six months. In younger days she usually had 20-22kg. 
  • In June 2014 she badly sprained her toes. Since we could not be certain if she had a broken toe bone we took an x-ray since (for her) she was showing an unusual amount of pain such as not using that foot at all. The x-ray revealred the bones were all intact but she does have osteoarthritis of the carpal joints (and presumably other joints as well). Progression compared to x-rays taken in November 2010 show very mild progression if any at all. The major difference is that in 2010 she had inflammations clearly visible on x-ray. Those were not found now. Is it hereditary? Who is to know. 24 hours after the x-ray was taken she was already chasing the neighbours boys ball (which she isn't supposed to do!) like she had no care in the world, especially no problem with her feet. 
  • no known allergies or food intolerances
  • so far no seizures I am aware of
  • the only medicine/supplement Henna receives on a regular basis (daily - provided I don't forget) is Glucosamin/Chondroitin for her joints. 

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