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Henna's Charactertest

Finnish Kennel Club Character Test October 2007 (judges: Bengt Söderholm & Lea Haanpää)

Henna participated in the FKC character test in october 2007. Looking back I think it may have been too early for her. At the time she was still quite uncertain of some things. Especially people behaving in ways she felt were unusual sometimes concerned her. I only learned more than a year later, quite by chance, that she was apprehensive of people wearing black gloves, but not of the same person wearing no gloves nor of people wearing lighter coloured gloves such as tan or red (I had red gloves at the time). She behaved like she expected something very unpleasant from people wearing dark gloves. Why? I have no idea.

We were very surprised that she scored as "reserved, not approachable", because she had never shown any problems of this type in any show or in any normal every-day situation including crowds on a ferry from Helsinki to Tallin where she got caught in a crowd and everybody petted her from absolutely every direction. She never shyed away from any examination by a judge or veterinary examination or anything like that. 

  • Character Test: +83p (passed), secure to shots
  • Accessibility: -1 (not accessible - reserved)
  • Desire to fight: +2 (moderate)
  • Capability to function: +1 (moderate)
  • Willingness to defend: +2 (High - controlled)
  • Temprament: +1 (extremly high)
  • Mental hardness: +1 (tendency to softness)
  • Tendency to aggressive behaviour: +2 (high without post-attack aggressiveness)
  • Strength of nerves: +1 (tendency to nervousness)
  • Gunshot reaction: +++ (unimpressed, no sign of fear)

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