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O'Zone F-litter

In early 2007 we visited Laika and her siblings multiple times. We took a lot of pictures of all of them, includng their mum and dad.

The male with the cropped ears is Laika's father Petrus-Giro de Diemar

The grown black female seen with the litter is her mother Pinkki (O'Zone Babylone)

The litter is:

O'Zone Formosa "Åsa" (brown female wiht complete tail)

O'Zone Foenix "Feena" (brown female with partially docked tail (medical reasons))

O'Zone France "Cera" (black female with collar)

O'Zone Fidji "Laika" (black female without collar)

O'Zone Fresno "Ares" (black male with yellow collar)

O'Zone Fulton "Luca" (black male with red collar)

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